Make sock puppets with these instructions from Mermaid Art Studios!Have some fun with socks at home!

Take everyone’s socks out of the drawers – mom and dads too! Have a contest to see who can pin (with a baby pin) the most matching socks together … but don’t yet reveal the prize!

Once the socks are all matched, take the unmatched socks and put them in a pile. The person that matched the most gets to pick their two favorite unclaimed socks first … then let the other kids go in order based on how many they matched.

Next, plug in your hot glue gun and take out those fabric scissors – it’s sock puppet making day!

Kids can put on a show and the house gets more organized – sounds like a win-win!

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Denine Wish

Denine Wish is the owner and chief artist at Mermaid Art Studios. Connect with her on Google+.

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