Man Cave PaintingsAt Mermaid Art Studios, we can’t think of a better way to capture your love for a hobby than by turning it into a work of art!

A client of ours came up with the perfect gift for a pool and poker lover in their family: privately-commissioned man cave paintings!

In addition to a custom work of art created by our talented team, we led a private painting session for the client.

He was able to create his own rendition of his other favorite pastime: roulette!

The client had so much fun, he wanted to make sure we documented every step of the process in pictures.

Hopefully he’ll add painting to his list of hobbies; we think he did great!

People of all ages love portraying pastimes through beautiful artwork. It truly reflects your passions!

If you’re interested in commissioning our team for a special painting or private session, contact Mermaid Art Studios today!


Photos of Pool & Poker Man Cave Paintings

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