About Mermaid Art Studios

Denine Wish has been the owner and head artist at Mermaid Art Studios for over 30 years.

Melting Pot

Denine was born into a distinctly European family – one half came to this country from Germany after being released from a labor camp.

The other side of her family is from Poland, and moved to the coal mine region of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Her last name Wish was shortened from Wisneski.

Over the years, Denine’s heritage became an important part of her life and how she represents ideas in her art.

Love of Learning

Denine loves to learn, a passion that has led to her greatest adventures in life.

She was fortunate enough to receive a considerable scholarship from Moore College of Art and Design Philadelphia, PA. Wish received her BFA with a dual concentration in Sculpture and Photography. She then moved to White Plains, NY and received her MFA from SUNY – Purchase in Sculpture.

Love of Children

After returning to the Philadelphia area, Denine studied Korean Language at the University of Pennsylvania and was asked to teach children with local art teacher Diane Factor at Fort Washington Elementary.

This experience was a turning point for Denine – this experience revealed how much children meant to her and how much she enjoyed teaching them art. Mermaid Art Studios opened over 30 years ago in Ambler … and the rest is history!