Kids recently drew unicorns at Mermaid Art Studios

Fun unicorn drawings during class!

Art Smorgasbord is geared towards children ages 5-10 and explores a variety of creative disciplines.

Weekly Plans

Week One:

Our introductory week begins with a discussion of masks – African, Halloween, Mardi Gras, and more. We’ll look at masks from around the world and students will then draw their own that they can wear on their face.

We’ll discuss colors and patterns, too. After the masks are done, students will take them home!

Week Two:

Our discussion of masks continues – but this time, we’ll make them out of clay! Students will learn how to make it strong and three-dimensional. The masks will have texture and vitality using pattern and planning color.

Week Three:

Students will glaze their clay masks!

Week Four:

This week, students will draw their own building on construction paper, creating people, flowers, animals, and more!

Week Five:

Using our cool objects from last week, students will make their own pop-up book. They’ll name it and create a cover, too!

Week Six:

In our final week, we’ll get creative – what can we make from found object? For example, recycled bottles … Day four….

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Sample Art Smorgasbord Classes