Challenge Accepted! Colleagues Brush Up On Their Painting Skills

Company Art ContestThere’s nothing like art, fun, and a bit of friendly competition to bring coworkers together!

Mermaid Art Studios hosted two separate groups of colleagues from Matheson Gas last week. Each group was given a different painting and learned how to interpret the piece into their own individual works of art.

The first group painted a vase of flowers on a tabletop, and we were quite amazed by the creativity of each participant! Some pieces had decorative tablecloths, while others even incorporated portraits of family pets!

The second group learned how to paint a relaxing beach scene. I think the idea of summer vacation got to their heads; this group was quite giddy during their class and even had fun taking breaks from their artwork to pose with our Mermaid Selfie Portrait!

We sure hope that each group went straight home with their finished works of art and kept practicing their newfound skills. They’re going to come in quite handy next week when the two teams meet again at Mermaid Art Studios for a head-to-head painting competition!

We can’t wait to see what these talented new artists will come up with during next week’s contest!

If you’re looking for a fun twist on your next social event, look no further! Contact Mermaid Art Studios and schedule your private painting class today!

Matheson Gas Company Art Contest Photos

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