It’s All About The Hats At This Spin Art Birthday Party!

spin art birthday party - hatsYou may have thought that spin art was limited to just shirts.

Guess what? The possibilities are endless when it comes to spin art! Just take a look at these awesome hats!

One year ago, an eight-year-old wanted to have their birthday party at Mermaid Art Studios. We set up the spin art machine, and the kids made some pretty incredible shirts.

This year, for their ninth birthday, the whole gang was back again for yet another spin art birthday party!

They wanted to create something that would match the shirts they made the year before. We showed them the right technique to making spin art hats with funky, colorful designs.

The end result looked so great, they’re thinking of coming back for their 10th birthday party to make spin art shorts!

While they waited for their hats to dry, the children took turns getting their faces painted, then sat down to create colorful drawings to take home and proudly display on their wall!

Hosting a spin art birthday party is a fun, creative way to celebrate your child! If you’re looking for the perfect place to host an upcoming party, look no further than Mermaid Art Studios! Contact us today for more information on your next spin art birthday party!

Spin Art Birthday Party Photos

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