Celebrating Mother’s Day With Grandma Mugs!

Grandma Mugs Making - Willow GroveFor Mother’s Day, Mermaid Art Studios wanted to celebrate moms of all ages!

That’s why we coordinated a special day just for grandmas!

Our team of Mobile Mermaids gathered together for a road trip over to a local adult care center in Willow Grove, where a group of grandmothers was anxiously awaiting their day of fun with art.

We had the perfect craft idea in mind for them: hand-painted “grandma mugs” to enjoy their morning coffee out of!

We brought all of the equipment with us to the care center, and gave everyone in the group a mug. They were able to let their artistic side run wild, painting the mugs however they wanted!

Some of our favorite works of art included animals, flowers, and beautiful details painted inside of the mug itself. What a creative group of women!

After the mugs were painted, we brought them back to our studios in Ambler, where each creation was carefully fired in our kiln to lock in all of the paints. The finished mugs were wrapped up and delivered back to the center, just in time for Mother’s Day!

We have an endless selection of projects for artists young and old to express themselves with! We’ve got everything you need to host your next crafty event or party, and our Mobile Mermaids can even bring the fun to you!

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Willow Grove Mug Making

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