Local Boy Scouts Earn Merit Badge At Mermaid

A boy scout art project at Mermaid Art Studios.A local Boy Scout Troop recently joined us at Mermaid Art Studios in search of their art merit badge.

Our artists carefully designed a project to encompass all their requirements including drawing a member of their family, using clay to sculpt a simple subject, make an art construction using a choice of materials, and listing primary & secondary colors and explaining what happens when they combine.

To bring everything together, each member of the troop created bottle art. To start, they drew out a plan while experimenting with the color wheel. They constructed a member of their family (including pets!) out of clay and glued it to the bottle. They were then asked to create a surreal bottle representing a space outside which was to be painted on their creation.

Some really awesome bottles were created as part of this project! Check out some of the additional pictures below.

Have a group that needs to fulfill an art requirement? Contact Mermaid Art Studios and we can craft a custom project for you!

Boy Scout Bottle Art Project Photos

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