Life As An Artist

Antique MoldWhat’s it like to be an artist? Welcome to my dungeon…or should I say, studio basement?

Let me give you a taste of my latest project. My search for a new undertaking on Monday brought me to the Perkiomenville flea market, a great place to find some inspiration.

While I was perusing, I came across some fantastic molds for 1800s pieces. A perfect project for an artist! I brought them home with me to create some antique décor.

I’m preparing to cast one to see how it turns out. My first step is to decide on a material. I’m thinking about clay, and will have to see what happens as I proceed with the project.

The creative wheels never stop turning when you’re an artist! It’s always an adventure, from finding inspiration to adapting along the way. Take a look at some photos of the great pieces I found in Perkiomenville!

Interested in learning more about life as an artist? Check out our fall class schedule and find out for yourself!

19th Century Molds

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