Going Back In Time In Doylestown

This Doylestown mural was installed on a Peddler's Village storefrontWhen I’m not teaching classes, I always have a project keeping me occupied. My latest project is a mural for the storefront of a roofing company in Peddler’s Village.

The project was to recreate a photo of the company’s float in the 1912 Doylestown Parade – and we’re so happy to see it installed!

The mural was made up of four panels, each measuring 8 feet by 4 feet. I began with a base coat, attempting to stain it with some top-notch exterior paint. Art is all about trial and error, and the original base coat I tried out didn’t give the results I was looking for – so I stained it with paint.

I prefer to draw with paint as well, so I did the outline in a thin layer of paint. I needed to have two panels joined about two weeks into the project, so I got the first two looking close to ready by that time, and called on help to join them together.

Take a look at photos of the entire process below!

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Doylestown Mural Photos

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